Felix Fund Launch raises £55,000

Over £55,000 was raised for bomb disposal experts at Felix Fund’s official launch on 15th September. The 200 guests, hosted by Lord Ashcroft in the House of Lords, included Toni O’Donnell, widow of W02 Gaz O’Donnell GM +Bar, and Christina Schmid, widow of SSgt Olaf Schmid GC. Also present were serving Army bomb disposal experts, BBC Defence Correspondant Caroline Wyatt and Sean Rayment, Sunday Telegraph Reporter and author of ‘Bomb Hunters’.

Speaking at the launch, Felix Fund Trustee Major Karl Frankland RLC said:

“EOD soldiers continue to receive some excellent support from other charities. But it clear the only way to meet our specialist needs in a timely, efficient, sustained manner is via Felix Fund- The Bomb Disposal Charity – set up for us, by us.’

Toni O'Donnell, Sean Rayment and Sgt Kevin Boon

Christina Schmid

Pupils from Abingdon School, who raised £6,500 for Felix Fund, try on the bomb suit

W02 Ken Bellringer, Major Pete Norton GC listen to W01 Tony Kelly's brief on the current UK and overseas IED threat.


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