Roll of Honour

SSgt J A Culkin 1956 Cyprus
SSgt R Kirby 1958 Cyprus
Sgt C C Workman 1967 Hong Kong
Cpl G Hall 1974 Northern Ireland
Capt D A Stewardson 1971 Northern Ireland
WO2 C J L Davies 1971 Northern Ireland
SSgt C R Cracknell 1972 Northern Ireland
Sgt A S Butcher 1972 Northern Ireland
Maj B C Calladene 1972 Northern Ireland
Capt J H Young 1972 Northern Ireland
WO2 W J Clark 1972 Northern Ireland
Sgt R E Hills 1972 Northern Ireland
Capt B S Gritten 1973 Northern Ireland
SSgt R F Beckett 1973 Northern Ireland
Capt R Wilkinson 1973 Great Britain
SSgt A N Brammah 1974 Northern Ireland
SSgt V I Rose 1974 Northern Ireland
WO2 J A Maddocks 1974 Northern Ireland
SSgt J G Crawshaw 1975 Holcombe Moor
Cpl C W Brown 1975 Northern Ireland
WO2 E Garside 1975 Northern Ireland
Sgt M E Walsh 1977 Northern Ireland
Sig P J Reece R SIGS 1979 Northern Ireland
Gnr R A Furminger RA 1979 Northern Ireland
WO2 M O’Neill 1981 Northern Ireland
WO2 J R Howard 1988 Northern Ireland
Sgt D K Barker 1989 Great Britain
LCpl K T Robinson 1989 Great Britain
Pte D B Carson 1989 Great Britain
Lt Col Michael Watkins MBE 1998 France
SSgt C Muir 2003 Iraq
WO2 G J O’Donnell GM* 2008 Afghanistan
Spr Rossi 2009 Afghanistan
Capt D M Shepherd GM 2009 Afghanistan
Cpl Oakland 2009 Afghanistan
SSgt O S G Schmid GC 2009 Afghanistan
Cpl Marlton-Thomas 2009 Afghanistan
Spr Watson 2009 Afghanistan
Capt D Read 2010 Afghanistan
WO2 Markland 2010 Afghanistan
Spr Mellors 2010 Afghanistan
Cpl Kirkpatrick 2010 Afghanistan
SSgt B G Linley GM 2010 Afghanistan
Capt L J Head 2011 Afghanistan

Regrettably, over the years other personnel from outside 29 Group have lost their lives conducting and assisting in EOD duties, both within the United Kingdom and across several theatres of operation. All are remembered by their respective units. Indeed, every one of our fallen forms part of a central Roll of Honour at the National Arboretum, a fitting tribute to all serviceman and women who have died in the service of this country.