Memorial Wall

Sadly, over the year’s other personnel have lost their lives conducting and assisting with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and search duties, both within the United Kingdom and across the globe. All are remembered by their respective units and every one of our fallen heroes’ forms part of a central Roll of Honour at the National Arboretum. This is a fitting tribute to all servicemen and women who have died in the service of their country.

Our memorial wall remembers those serving personnel from the United Kingdom’s EOD and Search community, above and below the high water mark, who have lost their lives on operational service, or in training for operational service. The start date of remembrance is 1st January 1947, the day after President Truman’s historic statement officially declaring the cessation of hostilities of World War II.

While every effort has been made to ensure all information here is correct we welcome corrections, amendments and additions to ensure we honour all elements of the charity’s remit.

Date Name Where
30 March 1949 Cpl Leslie H Morton Libya
30 March 1949 Spr Eric T R Robinson Libya
14 November 1952 AB (CD) George Hawthorne Great Britain
21 January 1953 AB John C Brinkley Great Britain
6 May 1953 Sgt Robert O’Docherty GB
6 May 1953 Cpl Kenneth Braddock GB
28 July 1954 LS (D) Charles B Larkin Singapore
11 October 1955 LS Tony Godden Great Britain
15 March 1956 CD3 Keith Chipperfield Gibraltar
23 September 1956 SSgt Joseph A Culkin Cyprus
23 July 1958 CD2 Jackie Graham Cyprus
31 July 1958 SSgt Ronald Kirby Cyprus
5 June 1963 PO (CD) Eric McKenzie Great Britain
28 August 1967 Sgt Colin C Workman Hong Kong
16 August 1968 CD3 Eric Southworth Great Britain
7 December 1970 CD3 Nigel Pascoe Hong Kong
9 September 1971 Capt David A Stewardson Northern Ireland
24 November 1971 WO2 Colin J L Davies Northern Ireland
15 March 1972 SSgt Christopher R Cracknell Northern Ireland
15 March 1972 Sgt Anthony Butcher Northern Ireland
30 March 1972 Maj Bernard C Calladene Northern Ireland
16 May 1972 Graham Kidman RN Mediterranean
15 July 1972 Capt John H Young Northern Ireland
3 August 1972 WO2 William J Clarke Northern Ireland
5 December 1972 Sgt Roy E Hills Northern Ireland
24 May 1973 WO2 (SSM) Ian Donald Northern Ireland
21 June 1973 Capt Barry S Gritten Northern Ireland
20 July 1973 Maj Richard Jarman Northern Ireland
30 August 1973 SSgt Ronald F Beckett Northern Ireland
23 September 1973 Capt Ronald Wilkinson Great Britain
18 February 1974 SSgt Allan N Brammah Northern Ireland
2 July 1974 Spr John Walton Northern Ireland
20 September 1974 Cpl Geoffrey Hall Northern Ireland
7 November 1974 SSgt Vernon I Rose Northern Ireland
2 December 1974 WO2 John A Maddocks Northern Ireland
22 January 1975 SSgt James G Crawshaw Great Britain
17 July 1975 WO2 Edward Garside Northern Ireland
17 July 1975 Cpl Calvert Brown Northern Ireland
17 July 1975 Sgt Robert McCarter Northern Ireland
29 August 1975 Roger P Goad GC BEM Great Britain
9 January 1977 Sgt Martin E Walsh Northern Ireland
31 May 1977 LCpl Mick Dearnley Northern Ireland
2 August 1979 Sig Paul J Reece Northern Ireland
2 August 1979 Gnr Richard A J Furminger Northern Ireland
31 May 1981 WO2 Michael O’Neill Northern Ireland
26 October 1981 Kenneth R Howorth GM Great Britain
23 May 1982 SSgt James Prescott CGM Falklands
30 April 1982 Sgt Brian Rutter Great Britain
7 March 1986 AB (D) Gavin Richie Great Britain
8 July 1988 WO2 John R Howard Northern Ireland
17 July 1989 Sgt David K Barker Great Britain
17 July 1989 LCpl K T Robinson Great Britain
17 July 1989 Pte David B Carson Great Britain
19 March 1994 Cpl Barney D Warburton Bosnia
16 August 1994 Spr Barry Nicholas Bosnia
11 August 1998 Lt Col Michael Watkins France
11 September 1999 Cpl Peter J Bradley Bosnia
11 January 2000 Sgt Stefan Roberts Great Britain
5 April 2000 Cpl Jeremy Gaulder Northern Ireland
5 April 2000 Spr Joeli Naivalurua Northern Ireland
24 July 2001 D2 David Murray Great Britain
24 September 2001 Lt Thomas Kelly Great Britain
23 March 2003 Spr Luke D G Allsopp Iraq
23 March 2003 SSgt Simon Cullingworth Iraq
31 March 2003 SSgt Christopher D Muir Iraq
21 February 2004 LS (D) George Walters Great Britain
24 July 2008 LCpl Kenneth Rowe Afghanistan
10 September 2008 WO2 Gary J O’Donnell GM* Afghanistan
23 May 2009 Spr Jordan Rossi Afghanistan
20 July 2009 Capt Daniel Shepherd GM Afghanistan
22 October 2009 Cpl James Oakland Afghanistan
31 October 2009 SSgt Olaf Schmid GC Afghanistan
16 November 2009 Cpl Loren Marlton-Thomas Afghanistan
31 December 2009 Spr David Watson Afghanistan
11 January 2010 Capt Daniel Read Afghanistan
8 February 2010 WO2 David Markland Afghanistan
15 February 2010 Spr Guy Mellors Afghanistan
27 June 2010 Cpl Jamie Kirkpatrick Afghanistan
17 July 2010 SSgt Brett G Linley GM Afghanistan
26 July 2010 Spr Mark Smith Afghanistan
19 October 2010 Cpl David Stephen Barnsdale Afghanistan
30 October 2010 Spr William B Blanchard Afghanistan
28 December 2010 WO2 Charles Wood Afghanistan
1 March 2011 LCpl Liam Tasker Afghanistan
19 April 2011 Capt Lisa J Head Afghanistan
18 April 2012 Spr Connor R Ray Afghanistan
4 May 2012 Cpl Andrew Roberts Afghanistan
4 May 2012 Pte Ratu Silibaravi Afghanistan




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