Felix Fund gets a new Patron

Felix Fund is very pleased to welcome Andy Torbet – Underwater Explorer, Cave Diver, TV Presenter, Author and Film Maker as a Patron of Felix Fund. He joins Mark Lancaster in the role, who has been a Patron since 2016.

After serving 10 years in the Armed Forces, including tours with 49 Sqn (EOD), part of 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) supporting Airborne, Commando, SF and underwater operations, Andy retired to a life of adventure. Since then he has become a professional cave-diver and deep-diver working on a number of ground-breaking exploration projects, including mapping underwater cave systems, re-discovering flooded mines and finding lost shipwrecks. With a degree in Zoology, a Masters in Archaeology and membership of Mensa he tries to ensure his expeditions bring back more than just photo for Instagram. His multi-faceted professional life also includes work as a free-diver, professional mountain guide. kayaker and skydiver, competing for Team GB in Speed Skydiving.

As a TV presenter he has, to date, hosted 22 TV series for the BBC, CBBC, Discovery, History and Ch5, including Coast, the multi-award-winning Operation Iceberg, his own serious Beyond Bionic and is a regular one The One Show. He has also written over 250 articles and one book and spent most of 2019 as part of the Stunt Team on the new Bond film.

He lives in the Wye Valley with his Jazz singer/song-writer wife, Becki Biggins, and their two young, feral, boys.


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