Healing Allies – The Sahara Challenge

Calling all Royal Navy, Army and Police EOD and Search personnel

Healing Allies is a six-part television series filming British and American EOD personnel as they cross the Sahara Desert. Over 7 days, 6 pairs (1 UK and 1 US) will drive 4x4s from Marrakech over the Atlas Mountains and deep into the Sahara. Facing obstacles along the way that will require initiative, teamwork and determination. The series will also be an opportunity to exchange stories and for viewers to learn more about what it is like to be a diver, bomb disposal or search operator on operations.

We are looking for a real mix of people, serving and Veteran.

We need to know:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you doing now?
  3. Why did you join EOD or Search?
  4. Are you comfortable talking about your experiences?
  5. What do you want the audience to know about your experiences?
  6. If you had to nominate someone else to be in the series, who would it be?
  7. Have you ever been to Morocco?
  8. Why would you like to be on the program?

The Process

We will sift applicants followed by a remote, online interview with the Healing Allies team.

Timings (Subject to Covid19 restrictions)
Applications should be received no later than 15th June
UK filming will take place in September 2020.
The challenge will take place in Morocco April/May 2021
Applicants will need to be available or a total of 10 days

Felix Fund will co-ordinate media clearances for serving personnel
Serving personnel will be required to take annual leave
All costs, including travel & subsistence, will be covered by the production company
The show will be great fun, it will highlight the amazing work done by both countries and raise awareness and funds for the Felix Fund and the EOD Warrior Foundation

Applications to [email protected] or call 07713 752901for more details



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