Leave a Legacy

leave a legacy

A legacy costs nothing now but can make the world of difference in the future. Many charitable services would not exist without money left in wills. Yet only 5% of people make a bequest to charity.

Making a will not only helps your favoured causes but relieves family and friends of many of the legal difficulties that can be faced. For a full guide on Making a Will check Remember a Charity click here or download a copy of our Leave a Legacy in your Will leaflet here.

Each October a scheme is run where people can make a will free of charge. For more information about this visit www.freewillsmonth.org.uk

Making or changing a will does not have to be hard work or expensive. Felix Fund does strongly recommend that professional legal advice is sought. We have teamed up with specialist Will-writing provider Severn Estate Planning to offer you a free and no-obligations charity Will-writing service. They waive their fee for writing a basic Will and, instead, invite clients to make a voluntary donation to Felix Fund. More information can be found on the Charity Wills page.



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