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Mindfulness & Awareness

Residential Dashboard Courses

helpEstablished in 2015, Felix Fund’s Dashboard course was designed to provide a greater understanding of what creates stress. As well as assisting in developing the skills to deal with it.

Using an array of relaxing techniques, mindfulness-based practices, and group discussion, a host of topics are covered. Helping you gain a new understanding of stress, anxiety, and mental and physical fatigue.

The course will give you tools to clear and focus the mind, adopt a more positive attitude, and become more “present”. While helping you deal with negative self-talk, anxieties, and struggles. It will give you the mindset and practices to be more effective and efficient in your life. Resulting in a greater sense of enjoyment and fulfillment.



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If you or anyone you know needs help please contact Felix Fund on 07713 752901 or email [email protected]. All enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence.

Dates for 2024

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Watch our short video on the Dashboard course:

Onsite Dashboard Training

howFollowing the success of the residential program, Felix Fund now provides a mini version for serving personnel at their places of work.

If your unit, regiment, or squadron cannot spare you for a week to attend the full residential course, Felix Fund can bring the training to you. We provide 2-day training courses for up to 20 serving personnel from across all aspects of EOD & Search.

These stand-alone two-day workshops can act as a refresher for those who have already attended the residential course. As well as provide a taster for those who have not been able to attend the full program.

The course includes discussions on stress, sleep, and how to recognise and combat any issues. There will also be a relaxation session at the end of each day via a guided meditation.

This on-site program is open to all EOD and Search personnel. If after attending this two-day session you wish to attend the residential course, please contact [email protected].

Please note you do NOT have to have attended the onsite course to attend the residential course.

If you would like to tailor this training to the specific needs of your troops contact Felix Fund on 07713 752901 or email [email protected].


Spouses & Partners Dashboard Training

Felix Fund now runs four Spouses and Partners Dashboard courses a year.

This course is available to the wives, husbands, or partners of serving personnel from across all EOD & Search. The course covers topics such as optimising sleep, recognising and reducing stress in ourselves and others. It should be noted that this is not a couples course.

In addition, you will learn breathing techniques and relaxation sessions to help you go away feeling like a new person.

Our next course dates:

For more information please contact [email protected].

How We Help
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Financial Support

Felix Fund provides financial assistance to serving personnel, veterans and their dependents in times of need. This help is wide-ranging.

We have helped with hydrotherapy treatment for a former soldier suffering from PTSD and sleep deprivation. A specially adapted buggy for the disabled son of a serving soldier to enable him to start school and go out with his family. As well as sporting equipment for two former Sappers to allow them to train for and compete in the Invictus Games.

We have also helped with home adaptations for veterans. Such as replacement windows, stairlifts and specialist furniture to ensure they are able to remain in their own homes.


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