Our Work

Mindfulness & Awareness

Our WorkFelix Fund has been running its Dashboard programme since 2016 with excellent results. This course which delivers preventative stress training based on mindfulness provides serving military and veterans with the tools and techniques to recognise warning signs of stress and to be able to develop their ability to relax, clear their minds and focus on positive aspects of their life. This will then feedback into a more productive and positive work and home environment.

“My life has honestly changed. I have no built-up anger and can communicate with my wife without arguments. I am far more considerate of others. It has made such a difference.”

“This is the only course I have ever attended where I paid full attention throughout. No heavy eyelids in the afternoon for the only time in my life! Thank you for this, it has made the world of difference to me and my family.”

Financial Support

The other aspect of Felix Fund’s work is financial assistance to serving personnel, veterans and their dependents, when they find themselves in times of need. This help is wide ranging from hydrotherapy treatment for a former soldier suffering from PTSD and sleep deprivation, a specially adapted buggy for the disabled son of a serving soldier to enable him to start school and go out with his family, and sporting equipment for two former Sappers to allow them to train for and compete in the Invictus Games.

We have also helped with home adaptations for veterans, such as replacement windows, the installation of stairlifts and specialist furniture to ensure they are able to remain in their own homes.



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