Playing Cards – Explosive Hazards Recognition


Playing Cards – Explosive Hazards Recognition 

The war in Ukraine has left vast quantities of abandoned and unexploded ordnance (bombs, grenades, landmines, missiles, rockets, shells etc) scattered across the country. These munitions pose a major risk to everybody living and working there, including local people, aid workers and soldiers. Awareness cards can help save lives.

Fenix Insight pioneered the use of playing cards for explosive hazard awareness and has proven them to be effective in many post-conflict situations, ranging from Afghanistan to Yemen. Playing cards are cheap, portable and always popular, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background.

These cards have text in Ukrainian and English, with each pack showing around 60 different items of ordnance. Not only does this allow people to recognise threats, but it also means that they can report them accurately to the authorities that will clear them.

Fenix Insight are crowd funding to produce more cards and to help the people of Ukraine. They have also generously allowed Felix Fund to sell a limited number of packs in support of our own charity.

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